theo4 - Reinterpretation canonical David –psalm 110(not...

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Canonical criticism Law… legislation = “final”, “ultimate” = final authority, especially for our religion Why is this the authority? - inspired by god o dictated by god - literalists - named people o problematic… we don’t know them o we don’t know they wrote them o lots of people wrote it - community consensus - read in the liturgy = cannon Liturgy… Reading of the old testament psalm letters (of paul) Gospels. Why these? Enduring importance Canonical criticism Interpretation – canonical Genesis 1 – P repetition, dramatic, distant, powerful god Genesis 2 – J human-like god, primitive look of the world Differnces might emphasize the idea that no-one really understands or knows how the world was created. Emplasizes metaphorical character.
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First community – historical Process of adaptation (change it to fit the circumstances) Historical Oral tradition Then someone writes it down Then editing Theology Reception of final text – canonical
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Unformatted text preview: Reinterpretation- canonical David –psalm 110 (not written by david) Corination ceremony All about victory in battle against foes of isreal God’s victory Peter sais psalm 110 is prophesy for Christ resurrection Argument is “the lord” and “my lord” = god and jesus… Example of reinterpretation by peter OT. Abraham’s devotion A story to explain why isrealites didn’t sacrifice children Also a repetition of previous promises Psalm 16 is reinterpretated as issac being Christ not dying, and the ram as Christ the sacrifice Biblical Place of community (geographical, political, etc) Sacredness – mystery, not every meaning in the text is present all the time Simon the zealot = revolutionary Son of david… was killed by romans due to your behest. Great job idiots! It’s ok tho, god saw it and planned for it. Raised jesus from the dead and made him king of heaven....
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theo4 - Reinterpretation canonical David –psalm 110(not...

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