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Dying/rising gods inspire cults Arise from the “east” (middle east) Personal religion as opposed to state religion In state religion, intent isn’t important. Sacrifice must be preformed correctly. Methodology = important In cult, intent is important. Mystery cults examines rejuvenation through sacrifice. Mystery = understanding of the afterlife will help define real life Homophogia = the eating of ( symbolic) flesh of the diety to get some of its power
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Unformatted text preview: --Eleusinian Orpheus Mithras Adonis Attis Dionysos Osiris (Christianity. .?) Mixture of water and wine, mixed human and divinity. Christ and diyonisus = sacrifice and sacrificer Suffering = purification, it is the only way to escape the weakness of humanity. Mind = weak tool to experience life. We need to destroy reason and experience comunity...
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