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classics9 - Hebrew-1000bc Hesiods theogony 725bc Ovid’s...

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Helicon (hill of the muses) 300 gods/goddesses Some not mentioned ever again Some represent physical reality or abstract concepts Father sky (Uranus), mother earth (ge) All the male deities = plunder and nomadic All the female = settled, home life Zeus is the focus of the theogony, muses are covered. Zeus’ key is wisdom, thought, understanding. Creation myths Babalyonian -1100bc Enuma elish
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Unformatted text preview: Hebrew-1000bc Hesiods theogony 725bc Ovid’s metamorphoses 8-15 ad Man being formed from the gods Greek – clay Babaloynian – blood and bone Hebrew – dust Man is made in the image of the gods Indians have no one act of creation, flowing of endless cycle of creation, preservation, and decline. Vishnu = brahma = creator Vishnu = =preserver Vishnu= shiva = destroyer...
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