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Heracles: one foot in humanity, one reaching toward heaven The source of labors may be Delphic, to the queen of Libya Heracles fights theseus for the right to marry deianira -- Then achelous becomes a snake, Heracles laughs, I killed snakes when I was a baby, and the hydra as a man. Then achelous becomes a bull, and Heracles rips off a horn. Heracles’ job is to destroy the beasts, plow the way for civilization -- Beasts to fight -- Snakes Nemean lion – impervious skin, strangles lion and and uses claws to cut it off
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Unformatted text preview: Ceryneian hind (deer) -get the golden antlers Cerberus- bring back 3 headed dog The cretan bull - wressled (of Knossos) (Mycenae vs Knossos) Amazons& centaurs (bestial hybrids) (rid the world of half and half) Clean out the stables of augeas Wrestles Apollo for dephic tripod Heracles and iolaus slay the lernaean hydra (futility, 2 heads grow back for every one cut off, Sisyphus)...
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