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classics10 - Explains gods’ powers and which gods had...

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Procreation Male and female energy fight over control of procreation Ouranos hides his kids in a cave (a womb of mother earth) (corking her up, especially with sex) Kronos gets a sickle and cuts off ouranos’ testicles in gaia. Kronos becomes king with rhea, controls procreation by eating kids, learned his lesson Zues + matings near the end (swallows his wife) Athena springs forth from Zeus’ head Demeter; zeus approves of hades rape of his daughter Zues screws lots of girls, but none of his offspring are going to overthrow him Marries hera, keeping her from bearing strong children from another man Zues also has lots of perpetual virgin children Homeric Hymns, oldest = 600 bc, rest up to 400 BC 4 long, 29 short hymns Not created by homer, but part of the oral tradition
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Unformatted text preview: Explains gods’ powers, and which gods had which, which tastes (mortal, sacrifice, shrines, activities, epithets, i.e. names) Demeter’s favorite shrine = Eleusis, and the Eleusinian mysteries Demeter’s power = fertility, + explains seasons Zeus approves hades to rape Persephone. Demeter thinks this is absurd, since zeus approved it. Demeter go sulks, gods and men suffer, but men suffer from lack of food, gods suffer from lack of definition. Tries to make a new kid, fails. Then makes a peace plan with hades. Eleusis 13 century BCE,( predates Trojan war) till 5 th century CE Pomegranates = greek fertility food, associated with hades (bloody, juicy mess)...
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