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classics4 - Draw and quarter Remove thighbones and wrapped...

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Athena sacrifical rite Cow Cover horns in gold Lead animal to altar Put water in a bowl, and a bowl of barely, sprinkle it around the altar, during the procession in circles around the altar Get a fire on the altar Get A basin to catch the blood Get an Axe Take some hair from the cow, throw it in the fire Hit it in the head to stun the animal Pick up the head and slash the throat, catching the blood
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Unformatted text preview: Draw and quarter Remove thighbones, and wrapped them in fat and a little skin Burn em Take a pitchfork, and broiled, given to the dignataries and ate them Cook the rest of the animal and eat it IF too many people, Boil meat People are bored while they wait; compete; olympics...
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