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theo11 - everything he messes up not everywhere tempted...

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Heresy is decided by the middle. Ecumenical council= a question is presented, the bishops get together and argue that something is or is not heresy, and then vote. Arianism started by Arius. He is opposed by Athanasius. Debate at the Nicaea Council - Influances soteriology (the study of how humans can be saved) They end up deciding for Athanasius. -- What makes Christ special? Miracles, healing blind people. Blind = sin, sight = understanding. Miracles depend on wounded’s faith Salvation requires 1) Contact 2) Faith 3) = healing Jesus has power, where does it come from? How does it fix humans? Power comes from god, divine Fixing humans comes from touch, body Problem, how does a divine person have a body? Divine = immortal, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, unwavering (jesus can die, he doesn’t know
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Unformatted text preview: everything, he messes up, not everywhere, tempted) Body = accessible to humanity, *divine only failed in the covenant, needed something more accessible to humans. Logos picks up the body, and conforms to the rules of the body to be a model. Logos is created says arius, church says jesus always has been. Logos is created = more like us.--Problem: god is too weak or stupid to get it right? Is the logos good enough? Even though he’s modeling, is it possible that we can imitate? I can’t jump. If the purpose is immortality, and we’re still dying, the perfect being failed in intent. We need a god who can do it. Soul to them = intellect/free will...
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