Hist35 A F98 Midterm Exam

Hist35 A F98 Midterm Exam - 37A 1 Classics 35 A Mid-Term...

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Unformatted text preview: 37A 1 Classics 35 A Mid-Term Exam October 28, 1988 l [15 minutes] Identify briefly (no more than two sentences) IIjEN of the following. 2 points each. TOTAL 20 points. *- 1. Orestes - 9. Michael Ventris 2. "rosy—fingered Dawn" — 10.10nia 3. Herodotus ._ 11.Minos — 4. dactylic hexameter —e 12W at“! 5. Hellas/l-lellene -— 13.the Phaistos Disk #— 6. double axe f 14.rnultiple brush ’7’. Helen a 15W 8. iconography Ii [20 minutes] Answer TWO of the {our questions Be brief (less than a page), but answer each question as completely as necessary. 25 points each. TOTAL 50 points. 1. According to the archaeological finds, after 1050 iron replaced bronze almost completely for weapons, armor, and tools. Why did the Greeks adopt iron technology at that time? Q How do we explain the fact that while hardly any Dark ge weapons were made of bronze (see question *1), the weapons and armor in Homer are always made of bronze and not of iron? 3. We have traced the history of Greek religion down to about 1200 BC. So far, we have seen that "fertility" played a major role. (a) Why was fertility so prominent? (b) Predict whether or not we will see fertility continue to play a major role in Greek religion after 1200 BC. Give reasons for your prediction,- 4. ' Why does Odysseus want to remain in the cave of the Clops, Polyphemos, and wait for his return? What does this tell us about the character of Odysseus? III [15 minutes] Write an essay on gm; of the following. TOTAL 30 points. 1. In discussing the “obvious limitations" of archaeology as a source of knowledge for early Greece, Oswyn Murray 2 states that "archaeologists have tended to concerktxate on change rather than on continuity . . (p.47). ‘ Discuss continuity/discontinuity in light of Murray's statement. @ Describe how the "prestige economy" of the Dark Age orked. Compare and contrast it with the redistributive economy of the Late Bronze Age. 3. Although the Odyssey is the story of Odysseus' homecoming, the first four books are about his son Telemachos. Ancient critics called this part of the poem the "Telemachy. " Discuss the character and personality of Telemachus, as he appears in Books 1—4. How does the Telemachy relate to the W as a whole? ...
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Hist35 A F98 Midterm Exam - 37A 1 Classics 35 A Mid-Term...

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