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FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE Review of Course Structure 1 CH1: WHY WE HAVE LAW Order Maintenance Arizona v. Graciano . Management of Disputes Management of Factual Disputes: Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceutical . Management of Social Conflicts: Roe v. Wade . Management of Business Conflicts: Ferrett v. General Motors . Management of Governmental Conflicts: Carl Erhardt. The battle over "the hooch": The federal-interstate water compact and the resolution of rights in the Chattahoochee river. Protection of Public Welfare Protecting the Individual and Society: Kansas v. Hendricks . Protecting Our Environment: National Environmental Policy Act. Facilitation of Relationships Facilitation of Personal Relationships: Gentry v. Gentry . 1 CH2: WHERE THE LAW COMES FROM Constitutional Law, the Constitutional Convention, and the Framers of the Constitution U.S. Constitution, 1 Amendment VIII Creation of the U.S. Constitution: Hon. Jack Brooks, Chairman, Committee on the Judiciary of the U.S. House of Representatives. . Legislative Branch of Government How the Legislature Works: Retrieved from State of Florida website. Judicial Branch of Government Case Law: See the Graciano , Daubert , Roe , and Ferrett cases in Chapter 1. Court Structure and Administration: Retrieved from State of California website. Alternative Dispute Resolution: Schwartz, S. L. The business and legal communities look to ADR. Executive Branch of Government An Administrative Rule: Texas Administrative Code, Title 4. (Agriculture), Part I. (Texas Department of Agriculture), Chapter 7. (Pesticides), Subchapter D. (Use and Application), Section 7.34 (Storage and Disposal of Pesticides). The Chief Executive and the Executive Branch (State Government): Retrieved from State of California website.
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Types of Administrative Agencies: Retrieved from State of Illinois website. A More Detailed View of One Agency: Retrieved from State of Illinois website. Other Sources of Law Municipal Law: Parking of Commercial Vehicles on Residential Streets in New York City. New York City Municipal Code. International Law: International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling. 1 CH3: USING SOCIAL SCIENCE TO UNDERSTAND LAW Law in Society and Social Science Nader, L. Law in culture and society . Llewellyn, K. N. A realistic jurisprudence: The next step. Sales, B. D. & Shuman, D. W. The admissibility of expert testimony based upon clinical judgment and scientific research. Social Science Studying Law’s Goals (Protection of the Public Welfare) (see Chapter 1) Tor, P. B., & Sales, B. D. A social science perspective on the law of guardianship: Directions for improving the process and practice. Social Science Studying the Legislative Branch (see Chapter 2) Wursten, A. & Sales, B. Utilization of psychologists and psychological research in legislative decision making on public interest matters. Social Science Studying the Judicial Branch (see Chapter 2)
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