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FINAL STUDY GUIDE - MAS 265 Fall Semester 2007 FINAL EXAM...

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MAS 265 Fall Semester 2007 FINAL EXAM Study Guide Exam Date: Wed., May 14, 2008 General Suggestions: Know what the main point(s) of each article is (are.) Know the key words/key concepts associated with each article (refer to notes from class, items listed on the white board, and those concepts discussed in class and in-group exercises.) In addition to the above general recommendations, review the following: Mirandé, A Alfredo. I Never had a Mentor: Reflections of a Chicano Sociologist 1. In what way is Mirandé story different from the mainstream educational metanarrative? In other words, how do we know that the education “story” is different for a Chicano/a and in what way(s) is his story the same as the mainstream metanarrative? Sandoval, Anna. Building Up Our Resistance: Chicanas in Academia. Frontiers 2. What problems did Sandoval encounter that tell us that the path to educational success for Chicanas is different than that of mainstream students?
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