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prelab 3 - crystals after which another vacuum filtration...

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John Goodson Organic Solvent Extraction of Trimyristin From Nutmeg Introduction: In this experiment, a solid-liquid extraction trimyristin from nutmeg will be carried out. An organic solvent, methylene chloride, will be used in order to perform the organic solvent extraction. In an extraction a compound is transformed from one phase into another. Organic solvent extractions include an organic solvent with a high affinity for the compound to be extracted. This solvent will be used to extract the triglyceride trimyristin, which contains the fatty acid, myristic acid. Once heated and allowed to extract into the solution, the solution will then be filtered and subsequently distilled using a simple distillation apparatus. Once enough distillate is obtained a recrystallization will be performed and a vacuum filtration. Acetone will be used to wash the
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Unformatted text preview: crystals, after which another vacuum filtration will be performed until all acetone is evaporated. Weight of the extraction will be determined and percent yield calculated. Also, the melting point will also be determined through observations using a Mel-Temp device. John Goodson Table of Reagents: Safety: Avoid prolonged exposure to methylene chloride (and other chlorinated solvents). Use the solvent in a well-ventillated area, such as a fume hood. Avoiding inhaling vapors and skin contact. Wear gloves while handling the solvent. Dispose of methylene chloride in the WASTE HALOGENATED SOLVENTS bottle and discard acetone in the WASTE SOLVENTS bottle in the hood. Do not dispense the liquids into the sink. Compound Amoun t mp ( o C) bp( o C) Trimyristin-56-57-Methylene Chloride 55mL-39 Nutmeg 5g--Acetone 20mL--- not applicable...
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prelab 3 - crystals after which another vacuum filtration...

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