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Post Lab 2 - CHEM 2211L/2212L Lab Report Cover Sheet Name...

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CHEM 2211L/2212L Lab Report Cover Sheet Name: _________________________ TA: _________________________ Date: _________________________ Experiment: _____________________________________________________ Prelab (40 points) Title Introduction ____________ (10 points) Table of Reagents ____________ (10 points) Safety Information ____________ (10 points) Prelab Quiz ____________ (10 points) Inlab (25 points) Procedure ____________ (15 points) Data and Observations ____________ (10 points) Postlab (30 points) Results and Discussion ____________ (15 points) Conclusions ____________ (5 points) Answers to Questions ____________ (10 points) Discretionary Points ____________ (5 points) Total ____________ (100 points) TA Comments:
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In Lab: Procedure: 1) The fractional distillation apparatus was assembled and the distilling flask attached with a clamp 2) Boiling chips were added to the distilling flask to prevent bumping 3) Joints were connected with stopcock grease 4) A thermometer was appropriately placed just below the level of the sidearm of the distillation head. 5) Condenser was attached to the apparatus with a clamp 6) Hoses were attached to the condenser and a steady flow of water obtained through the condenser 7) A graduated cylinder was positioned below the device to measure distillate 8) 25mL of solution was placed into the distilling flask 9) A heating mantel was placed below the distilling flask and used to heat the solution adjusted to allow 1-2 drops of distillate per second 10) Temperature was recorded at the first drop of distillate and after each subsequent mL of distillate 11) Once the temperature had steadied around 100°C 2 more readings were obtained
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Post Lab 2 - CHEM 2211L/2212L Lab Report Cover Sheet Name...

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