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blocking jumps - jump on and off box (10-12 reps) Okay, I'm...

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blocking jumps (10-12 reps) This consists of finding a net (or an open area) and taking two side steps to the right/left and exploding upwards while reaching over the net with both hands (in other words, you're blocking). This can also be done with a three step routine. standing jumps (until failure) This is finding a point (the top of a net or a basketball rim) and jumping to touch it. Don't take any steps, explode upwards and reach with both hands. As soon as your feet hit the ground explode back upwards. Time on the ground should be minimal. Try doing this until you can't reach your target anymore. depth jumps (10-12 reps) Stand on a step that is about 20"-24" high. Step off, land with both feet simultaneously and explode upwards reaching with both hands. Time on the ground should again be minimal. The height of the box can be adjusted through the program (I read that there have been people who have done depth jumping from an 8' high step).
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Unformatted text preview: jump on and off box (10-12 reps) Okay, I'm making up these names as I go along. Here one stands about a foot away from the step (facing the step), jumps on to the step, quickly steps off, and explodes upward from the ground. This one can tire you out pretty quickly. attacks (10-12 reps) Here, just go through you're attacking motion (R-L-RL for right handers) from the right and left sides and even the middle of the court. Make sure you explode each time and try to reach higher than your previous jump (ha-ha). jump rope (150-200 reps) I'm not quite sure if this really helps a vertical, but it seems to warm up the muscles pretty well. side jump on and off box (10-12 reps) This is similar to jumping on the box then steping off. Here stand faced perpendicular with the box, jump sideways onto the box and jump off. I'm not sure if there is another jump after you jump off, but try it both ways and see what you like....
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