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Michael Johnson Info-110 White Board 2.0 A student attends class and misses an important part of the class work, or a student just cannot see the board from where he is seated at. With the whiteboard technology a student can view the class work online and go back where the students work was missed. Through White board technology the professor is able to write on the board then the board will record in timed intervals and leave a track online so student won’t miss a beat. These new presentation tools allow efficient preparation, integration, and display of lessons that might include Web-based materials, photographs, video/sound clips, and videoconferencing. Students can have the white- board content printed out and distributed to them at the end of the class, freeing them to interact with the instructor instead of furiously scribbling notes. Many of these products enable teachers to control the display from anywhere in the classroom and even let them conduct a collaborative presentation with a student at the board. Tactile, auditory, and visual learners can all benefit from the way complex concepts can be demonstrated. Complete lectures can be saved and played, including the instructor's every word, stroke of writing, and touch of the board. The excess of models and variety of features make the first challenge one of determining the most appropriate blend of capability and cost. This new electronic white board, has the ability to detect continuously the position of various writing tools and to capture the contents of the board to a printer or electronic storage device incorporated into the product. No computer or projector is necessary. Interactive white boards, however, work with a computer and projector to allow control of the display from the board. These are available as front projection, rear projection, or plasma-screen overlay systems. This white board works by sensing the position of the writing tool, capture
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concept - Michael Johnson Info-110 White Board 2.0 A...

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