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letter to the editor

letter to the editor - Michael Johnson 323 Zeralda St...

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Michael Johnson 323 Zeralda St Philadelphia, PA 19144 [email protected] January 24, 2008 Mr. J. Shawn Durham, Freelance Writer Metro – Philadelphia 30 S. 15 th St Philadelphia, PA 10102 Dear Mr. Durham After reading your article “Black Dems: Stop hating on Obama”, I was well impressed. Moreover, it has occurred to me that is not just a problem affecting the Philadelphia area but in most areas through out the United States. As a black republican it is my contention that we as a Black community needed to come together. Consequently most African – Americans have the wrong type of priorities and views that generate how a common black man is suppose to be. To most people a common African- American family is made up of the mother and her children thus, with this perception the majority of the males not growing up with a father are turning to the streets for support. Furthermore, they are that rappers like Jay- Z and 50 Cent are becoming all that they know and understand as opposed to people like Obama or Sylvester Johnson, a retired chief of police. It seems that by this action it
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