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president - he would have be a great listener as well as...

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Michael Johnson Info-102 1/23/2008 My Presidential Candidate My presidential candidate would be a republican, he would not be biased therefore he would be fair to both genders regardless of race. He would stand for economic equality and peace with other countries instead of trying to conquer them. Some of the type of skills he would possess is problem solving, meaning he could tackle any problem that comes his way whether it is war or higher taxes. Leadership is another skill he must posses, meaning he would have the ability to properly manage laws, the economy, and make rightful decisions. As a leader he will also be able to delegate and mandate the right responsibilities to make his ideal cabinet. My candidate should possess great articulation skills and well versed in different languages, so his voters can understand and relate to what is being said and maintain peace and prosperity in his nation. As apart of being a good leader
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Unformatted text preview: he would have be a great listener as well as humility because apart of being a good leader is learning he would want to learn and try new things .Before my candidate ran for president he was a judge, acquired a spot on the U.S. senate. He would also be a family man meaning a wife and children. Also he would never forget where he came from meaning he remember, know and cherish how he came to the president of the United States. My candidate would have strong political views about current problems in this country he would take care of home before he moves to oversea troubles. He is faithfully pro-life. He makes it a point to publicly keep her campaign promises. He works with the legislature and offers it respect. He would be our courageous fearless leader and stand for what he believes in know matter how difficult it may seem....
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