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World Civ China Notes- 4-28-08 - Collapse of Constantinople...

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Collapse of Constantinople, collapse of italian political power, left atlantic states with no way to get new goods. Portuguese and Spanish are failing East India company- chartered in 1600 by Queen Elizabeth I, o British control those regions, koulies were like grunts, they were cheap labor. o Pepper had a huge profit rate because everyone wanted it for their food o Power was found through bullying people, then maintained the states. o Era of piracy, freebooters, and buccaneers (freebooters and buccaneers were legal) o 1598- King of Spain despised the protestants, passed edict that no foreign goods could be sold to protestants, would fight any nation not Catholic. o Cargo ships from canton to London were slow, but reliable. 1 st factory in Canton, o 1720- British importing hundreds of thousands of pounds of tea. Prices in tea fluctuated a lot. Wanted to find something for China to buy from England, tried to sell wool and cotton, opium was the winner. Opium exported, and British got it from India. Opium bought massively, had to pay silver to buy it instead of just
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