Chapter 11 - World Civ: China Chapter 11: The Qing Dynasty...

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World Civ: China Chapter 11: The Qing Dynasty – 1644 to 1911 The Qing were founded by remnants of the Jurchen They came from Manchuria and would eventually adopt the name Manzhou The Chinese prior to the rise of the Qing had established commanderies or “buffer states” between main China and the frontier. These buffer states allowed for protected access to Korea and could be used as the first line of defense against the Oirats and other Mongol splinter groups Revolts and wars broke out along the frontier Chinese commanderies were attacked repeatedly but main China retained control of the region despite these problems Nurhaci (1559 to 1626) Gifted Jurchen leader He accepted Chinese endorsement as leader of his clan He set about increasing his power by disposing of enemies through blood feuds He also created strong alliances with other tribes through marriages and tributes He built several fortifications and one great castle to serve as his base of operations Over the next 30 years, Nurhaci would serve to unite the Jurchen tribes He also served to build a strong financial and economic infrastructure Traded in furs, pearls, minerals, and ginseng Ginseng – root thought to improve sexual potency and restore one’s youth Nurhaci’s Army He set about modifying and improving the structure and administration of his armies Standard design called for companies of 300 men Companies were grouped together into larger units called banners Nurhaci began with four banners followed later by eight and then sixteen banners These banners and companies were made up of both Chinese and Mongolian troops By the time Nurhaci invades China, his army stands at 170,000 men Unlike many of his predecessors, Nurhaci’s generals were not chosen by lineage Instead, Nurhaci appointed men to generalship based on merits Soldiers from the various banners never came from the same lands
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Chapter 11 - World Civ: China Chapter 11: The Qing Dynasty...

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