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Unformatted text preview: 4/17/08 Class Notes • Literature- novels, poetry, songs, plays, artistic representations ! • Dante - 1265-1321, born in Florence, “Father of Italian Literature”, elected 1 of 6 magistrates, was forced into exile. o Wrote The Monarchy in 1310, defended the emperor from the papacy. Believed that papal claims to power were bogus in a political sense. o Was very well read in philosophy and chivalry literature. Wrote poetry as a teenager, fascinated in Beatrice. Beatrice was vision of female perfection. Wrote New Life about Beatrice and the Trinity of Nines. First met her at 9, then at 18, then at 27 he had vision of her and began writing. o The Divine Comedy: 3 parts, lots of symbolism and allegories. 3 = the trinity. Written in an allegory, Virgil and Dante together. Virgil becomes less reliable then disappears, replaced by Beatrice. Virgil and Dante together....
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