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Orgo Lab II Pre-lab. #13

Orgo Lab II Pre-lab. #13 - Laura Mooney Organic Chemistry...

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Laura Mooney Organic Chemistry Lab II Monday (12-4) Pre-Laboratory Assignment for Experiment # 13 Part A. approximately 1.2 g maleic anhydride Part B. 1. Measure 3 mL—approximately 2.5g—of eucalyptus oil in a graduated cylinder, then pour this into a tared 25 mL round bottom flask. 2. Record the exact mass of the eucalyptus oil. 3. Dissolve the oil in 5 mL of anhydrous diethyl ether. 4. Add 1.2 g maleic anhydride to the round bottom flask. 5. Reflux the mixture contained in the round bottom flask over low steam for 45 minutes. 6. While the mixture is still warm, transfer it to a small beaker, cover with a watch glass, and allow cooling to room temperature. 7. Cool further on ice before collecting crystals by vacuum filtration. 8. Wash the crystals with 5 mL of cold petroleum ether. 9. Recrystallize the Diels-Alder product from methanol, by heating the methanol over a steam bath, and allowing the crystals to dissolve.
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