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Management 301 Practice Exam 1. According to the article in your supplementary readings “On the Folly of Rewarding A While Hoping for B”, one of the major reasons we reward one behavior while hoping for another is that we are more likely to overemphasize those behaviors which are easiest to observe and measure while less visible behaviors are more likely to be ignored. a. True b. False 2-4. Match the following theories of leadership with the appropriate statements (each theory can appear more than once) a. Leader behavior theory of leadership b. Trait theory of leadership c. Situational leadership d. Fiedler’s least preferred co-worker theory 2. This theory asks what is the best personality profile for a leader to have. 3. This contingency theory of leadership tries to place a manager in a work situation that best matches his/her preferred style of leadership. 4. This Universalist theory looks at what the leader does and how it affects employees on measures such as productivity and satisfaction. 5. The video and article about rats playing basketball demonstrated that understanding theories of motivation can result in amazing performances. Which theory of motivation best explained how these rats were taught to play basketball? a. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs b. Herzberg’s 2 Factor Theory c. McClelland’s Acquired Needs Theory d. Equity Theory e. Reinforcement Theories 6. According to your lecture about reinforcement theory, when the probability of behavior occurring decreases, ___________ has (have) occurred.
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a. Negative reinforcement b. Extinction c. Punishment d. 2 of the above e. All of the above 7. According to the definition of a charismatic leader in your text, a charismatic leader would be most likely to score high on which of Quinn’s roles? a. Mentor b. Monitor c. Coordinator 8. After taking over a poorly performing work force, a manager decided to do what needed to be done to develop motivated employees. She began by making each job highly interesting. Then she made special efforts to recognize employees who made strong contributions. She encouraged each employee to assume responsibility for doing their job in the way that they wished, and she instituted many programs for personal growth on the job. It should be mentioned that prior to her arrival, a survey of employees indicated that their salaries were well below the national average for that industry. Furthermore the worksite had been cited by a government agency as being unsafe and relationships among employees were considered to be very tense. She was delighted to observe that motivation improved substantially. Productivity increased 26% and turnover decreased as well. The motivational program was successful. Which theory(ies) of motivation would find these results completely as expected?
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Marx Practice Exam2 - Management 301 Practice Exam 1...

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