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I NTERNATIONAL R ELATIONS 101 Spring 2007 A NALYTICAL P APER Instructions: take a position on ONE topic below and defend it using evidence. You may draw your evidence from any published source, so long as you can document it. Websites are acceptable as well as books, journals, magazines and newspapers—e.g. only rely on blogs with very high reputations. Please plan early about which question you will take on and what your line of argument will be. Please talk to Garrett or the TAs if you have any questions regarding how you will go
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Unformatted text preview: about writing your paper. Word limit : 1200 words ( ONLY the first 1200 words of papers will be graded) Due date : April 26, in class hard copy only . Late papers will NOT be accepted, no exceptions. Topics : Choose ONE 1. How can we maximize the benefits of globalization while minimizing its costs? 2. What are the major implications of the rise of China as a global power? 3. How should the western world respond to the rise of Islamic extremism?...
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