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notes November 29 - November 29, 2005 Today: Course...

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November 29, 2005 Today: Course evaluations, Review Lecture, Overview of Final Exam & Handout Review Questions Thursday: Research Paper Due. Review Sessions with TAs (here). Extra Office Hours: Thursday 1:00-4:30, 307 VKC December 8 (11:00, here): Final Exam Promises and Limits Promise of the Courts Dispute Resolution Correcting Political Failures Correcting Market Failures The Limits on the Courts Doctrinal Institutional Cultural A Typology of Legal Systems Informal to Formal Hierarchical to Expert of political Bureaucratic legalism Party Influenced Negotiation/mediation Adversarial legalism An Overview of Constraints on American Adversarial Legalism Doctrinal: A-L is formal but… US features judicial review + a vague, written constitution + politically appointed judges + a common law tradition Institutional: A-L is party-influenced (i.e. passive) but… US features entrepreneurial lawyers + political judges + a rights-based welfare state + era of divided government Cultural: A-L reflect distrust of centralized authority and… US features an American Creed that is permissive (but not meaningless) A-L and the DCV versus CCV Debate Wholly Dynamic Wholly Constrained
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notes November 29 - November 29, 2005 Today: Course...

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