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1stStudyguide - exodos orchestra skene Tragedy and the...

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THEA 100 Study Guide #1 You should be familiar with the structure, plot, themes, and major characters of: Master Harold and the boys Ogun’s Sacrifice M. Butterfly Uzume’s Trance Antigone You should be familiar with the following people and their contributions: Robert Edmund Jones Athol Fugard Griot/Griotte Aeschylus Joseph Campbell David Henry Hwang Sophocles Bharata Euripides Aristotle Homer(s) You should be familiar with the following terms/concepts: Origin theories Well-made structure suspension of disbelief Point of attack Mahabharata Aesthetic distance Given circumstances Ramayana Medium and mood foreshadowing Noh exposition onnagata inciting incident Xiqu/ Zaju rising action Conventions climax Thespis aside resolution dithyramb fourth wall Antagonist Protagonist ode/episode soliloquy prologue masks parados paean episodic structure
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Unformatted text preview: exodos orchestra skene Tragedy and the Tragic Hero reversal/recognition/catastrophe Elements of Asian/Sanskrit (dance, tradition, masks, etc.) Elements of African theatre (call & response, dance as narrative, etc.) Theme Statements You should be able to identify a complete theme statement: issue, playwright’s pov, support. You should be familiar with the basic history and tenets of apartheid. Quotes from each of the plays you have read will be given and you will be asked to identify the speaker. If you have read the plays carefully, you should be able to identify the speaker through logic…you are NOT expected to memorize any part of the texts. The Director and Push will not be on this midterm…they will be on Midterm #2....
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