Philosophy 10.24.07

Philosophy 10.24.07 - (i) met; (ii) not met ; (iii) met x =...

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IV. The sideburns/Modonna case (i) met; (ii) met; (iii) not met-no justifiable reason to believe that he is a Madonna fan. V. The black Typewriter theif case (i) met; (ii) met; (iii) met 12 people working in a small office 11 white 1 black Archie believes that the black guy took the typewritier. Archie called a racist. Turns out the black guy took the typewriter. (dumb luck) Archie goes back to an apology. VI. The Honey/Sweetheart Case
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Unformatted text preview: (i) met; (ii) not met ; (iii) met x = I, the husband P = My wife is romantically entangled with somebody. Comes home and hears wife say "i got to go honey, he just walked in" Another day he hears "Talk to you later sweetheart, hes here" Next week she asks to go out to brg soup to Ms. brown and Ms. brown comes to his house looking for ANABEL. He is justified b/c he has proof...
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