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propositional variable- How old are you? Neither Shut the door! True or False Oh, to be young! Lack Truth-Value Mt. Ranier is 3852' high. Is either true or false, possesses a truth-value A sentence is a statement if it possesses a truth-value. Some green numbers are lazy. F Means that These two are called pseudo-statements No green numbers are lazy. T A pseudo is anything that appears to be an X but neither true or false but turns out not to be an X don't posses truth-values Pseude- fake, counterfeit Three statements English "It is raining."
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Unformatted text preview: Implies here and now German "Es Regnet." One proposition Italian "Piove" Mary loves John. John is loved by Mary. One proposition X knows that P IFF(if and only if) NC ( i ) X believes that P [The belief condition] Alleged X believes that P IFF X thinks P is true Counter-example to the necessity of ( i ) "I know that smoking causes cancer, but i don't believe it." " I am going to die someday but i don't believe it." " I know that my parents would have sex atleace once, but i don't believe it."...
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