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Philosophy 11.05.07

Philosophy 11.05.07 - Once Objective and Intractable...

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How many flies died last night? - Needs Percisification common Midnight-5 am in manhatten - precise Is objective but not intractable because it is impossible to count the # of dead flies in manhatten in an given time. If a question is subjective , it will always be (a) tractable; How can it be tractable if there is no right answer. (b) intractable; If there is no right answer there way of finding out. *(c) Neither of the above Is there sodium in the make- of the north star? Objective because it is a yes or no question
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Unformatted text preview: Once : Objective and Intractable because there is no way of finding out. Now : Objective and Tractable because a way of finding out. Do spermatazoa contain homunculi? was once intractable but is not tractable but in the advancement of technology it is not tractable, Moral questions Is abortion OK morally? Disagreement Yes/No...
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