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[Skip the through on bottom of pg 30 all the way until pg 38] The sentence "It is Raining" is true IFF it is raining. The sentence "2 + 2 = 4" IFF 2 + 2 =4 The sentence "AIDS was a cofactor" is true IFF had a co-factor I t but thsi is false because it does NOT have a cofactor. N.C.(iii) x would be justified in believeing that p (if x dies) I. The weather case : (i) met; (ii) met ; (iii) met x= you p. "it is not raining" Reason II. The Butcher Boy case : (i) met; (ii) not met ; (iii) not met x = I, the huband P = My wife is romantically entangled with jimmy, the butcher boy (F) Reason for this belief - She smiles at him, gives him $10 tip (excess tip)
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Unformatted text preview: Not a good reason III. The Broadway Joe case : (i) met; (ii) met; (iii) not met Joe lives in the Broardway area -> He likes to bet on horse races. Times square 15 years ago - lots of sexual content, porno, etc. He goes down to Times Square "- Excapade" <-- name of movie, he sees this. When he goes to the track (queens), he sees a horse named, Escapade so he beats on him and he wins. (superstitious bet) He had no reason ahead of time to know that the horse would win. P= "excapade will win in the 6th." (True) gangsters set this up. Joe has no evidence to know the horse will in in the 6th....
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