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Final MC - Chapter 18 Multiple Choice 1 Who are the two...

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Chapter 18 Multiple Choice: 1. Who are the two principal sources for the story of the voyage of the Argo? a. Apollonius of Rhodes, Euripides 2. King Athamas of Orchomenus was nearly tricked into sacrificing his son by his jealous second wife Ino. What was the boy's name? a. Phrixus 3. Ino bribed messengers to trick Athamas into sacrificing his son. Where were the messengers coming from? a. Delphi 4. Who is the mother of Pelias? a. Tyro 5. Pelias, who'd imprisoned his brother Aeson, learns that he must fear a man who will come one day. How will he recognize this man? a. He will have only one sandal. 6. Hera is the one stirring up the voyage of the Argo. What is her reason? a. She wants to bring Medea from Colchis to destroy Pelias. 7. Which of the following is a correct chronology of the "early adventures" of the Argo? a. Women of Lemnos — Cyzicus — Amycus — Phineus — Symplegades 8. Why is Phineus being tormented by the Harpies? a. He offended Zeus by being too forthcoming in his prophecies. 9. What's going on in this passage? "As bellows under a furnace make fire blaze up in a foundry, but must stop to suck back the air, roaring and wheezing in turn, just so the oxen roared, blowing the flame from their gullets, and after the roar came a flash like the blaze of a bolt of lightning." a. Jason is sowing the ground with the teeth of the dragon killed by Cadmus. 10. Medea, smitten by Eros, gave Jason plenty of help in Aea. Which of the following is NOT one of the ways she helped him? a. All of the answers are ways she helped him. Ch. 19 1. Where was Oenomaüs's kingdom? a. Pisa 2. Why was Oenomaüs unbeatable in the race he demanded of suitors for his daughter?
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a. His horses were sired by the wind. 3. How did Myrtilus sabotage Oenomaüs's chariot? a. He replaced the bronze linchpins with wax ones. 4. Pelops's two sons are summoned to Mycenae. Why? a. The Mycenaeans wanted one of them to be their king. 5. After the Banquet of Thyestes, Delphi tells him he must have a son by his daughter if he wants revenge. What's his daughter's name? a. Pelopia 6. After the death of Atreus, his two sons Agamemnon and Menelaüs flee to Sparta. Who is the king of Sparta? a. Tyndareüs 7. Leda, wife of the king of Sparta, has sexual intercourse with Zeus while he's disguised as a swan, and produces four famous children. Which of these is NOT one of them? a. Hermionê 8. Who was the author of the "Oath of Tyndareüs?" a. Odysseus 9. Who is the father of Ajax? a. Telemon 10. Who is the father of Achilles? a. Peleus 11. Why was Peleus married to the sea nymph, Thetis? a. Zeus wished to prevent her from having a son greater than he. 12.Which of the following is NOT one of the words Homer uses in the Iliad to refer to the Greek warriors at Troy? a.
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Final MC - Chapter 18 Multiple Choice 1 Who are the two...

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