hwF - Chapter 7: RQ 3,5,8,19,23,25 CE...

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Chapter 7: RQ 3,5,8,19,23,25 CE 5,9,16,17,18,19,20,25,26,32,38,39,43,45 RQ3. A cool lake contains far more thermal energy than does a hot cup of coffee, even though the lake has a lower temperature. RQ5. You cannot build a 100% efficient heat engine since there is always heat lost in the process. RQ8. Even if there was no friction you could create a perfect heat engine since it would violate the law of heating. RQ19. They are more efficient because they can carry more people, there isn’t a lot of air resistance on the train and because the wheels are made out of steel making the trains have very little rolling resistance. RQ23. The steam turbine that is turn by the steam is just like a piston in a car since it is what the thermal energy move in order to produce a different kind of energy. RQ25. 70 / 7 = 10 so it would take about 10 years for the money to double. CE5. A refrigerator is a great example since it cools things down and it doesn’t’ violate the law of heating since there is electrical energy put in all in order for this to happen. CE9.
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hwF - Chapter 7: RQ 3,5,8,19,23,25 CE...

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