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Lecture Notes10.19.06 - m10.19.06 Lecture Mill Tocqueville...

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m10.19.06 Lecture Mill, Tocqueville, Veblen All deal with industrialization Mill p. 16 “No society in which these liberties are not on the whole respected is free…. .” Freedom is pursuing our own good in our own way, not impeding others to do the same. Smith—pursuign own good in own way….and idea of fellow feeling that you won’t impede others. Is this the same as Mill’s idea? In both, you won’t do anything that will impede on others. In smith, there is a moral aspect to it too. Are there some things that you would do under Mill, but not under Smith? And if so, wouldn’t these things also classify as impeding on others abilites? So how would both ideas encompass different things? Isnt everything that is immoral somehow impeding on others? Mill-not really for moral reasons…just don’t impede others because then you won’t be free either. Let people do whatever they want that they feel is their self interest, and everyone will be happy. Smith would say that people can do whatever they want, but they really wouldn’t do anything to hinder themselves….whereas Mill says people might, but oh well. He would also say that people won’t harm others because they have fellow feeling and compassion. Mill would say people wouldn’t hurt others just because it’s wrong and they won’t be free either…just to increase communal happiness. Not necessarily out of moral reasons. Also, he doesn’t feel “giving offense” would be considered harm. Also, government should provide those 4 things to people, where as mill would say its only role is not to “improve standard of living for everyone, kind of like smith’s social works would prmtoe, but to let people do what they want, and if it helps them, then great.” Control over body and health. “Mankind are greater gainers…” Better off by letting everyone live the way they want rather than imposing something that the majority of the society believes is right. Let them do it without any social construction around them as long as they don’t harm or deprive others. E.g. piercings, tattoos, abortion. Can we be free if we do not allow others to be free?— by setting up institutions and
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Lecture Notes10.19.06 - m10.19.06 Lecture Mill Tocqueville...

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