Lecture Notes-10.31.06 - 10.31.06 Karl Marx Dont really...

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10.31.06 Karl Marx Don’t really think of him in the same category as other liberal political economists. Makes a critique of liberalism, even though his own idea of political economy has elements of it. Proposes the solution (communist manifesto) before identifying the problem (political economy) Affects policy analysts and scholars. Marxist approach—class and economic interests are primacy in the way people view the world around them. Born in 1818 in Trier, Germany. Died in London in 1883. Made a lot of enemies during life…was originally a newspaper editor. Lived all throughout Europe. Was born into a Jewish family and father converted to become a Lutheran for business reasons like Ricardo’s family. Marx never cared much for religion. Much of his critique is the evolution of religious thought as the explanation Proposed that religion was created by humans to explain what was unexplainable…not the other way around. He was a critic of what he claimed religion argued was nonnegotiable. For religion to claim that it had the solution to all problems was problematic…because of localized religions depending on what’s going on…can’t be so many answers or Wanted more historical explanation for events. Studied the enlightenment. . people weren’t critically thinking…they weren’t questioning anything… therefore opening up their society to more problems. “religion is the opiate of the masses”. Religion caused people to accept things that they otherwise could not, would not, and should not accept. History was a progression from one phase to another. Hegel and Marx shared this idea of human and social progress.
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Lecture Notes-10.31.06 - 10.31.06 Karl Marx Dont really...

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