Lecture Notes-9.7.06

Lecture Notes-9.7.06 - Lecture Regicide led to commonwealth...

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9/7/06 Lecture Regicide led to commonwealth Interregnum an effort to rewrite the English constitution by the parliament to deal with competing interests between monarchy and army. A protectorate is created till 1659. Hobbes—is this a return to the state of nature? In 1660, Charles II was put back into power. However, Parliament is now made supreme….controls power to tax and spend…monarch had power to control army. However, they wanted to be paid and wouldn’t fight out of loyalty…led to Parliament having power over army as well. Led to decline of Monarch. Force of arms vs. force of cash. Hobbes—was power between people and parliament, or people and monarch. Hobbes didn’t like multi part government….who has sovereignty? Because of nature of man, people needed strong government to control them. Government needed resources to be able to hold people’s natural tendencies in check. The Soveirgn has all of this power. The Sovreign is not subject to law of people. He is only subject to Divine Law Population needed to trust sovereign. There was no recourse to disagree with sovereign. Whatever the state did, was correct. No recourse on earth/would have to answer to God in next world. Sovereign may be evil like every other person, but he has divine right. Hobbes-thought of an idealogy to prevent civil war.
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Lecture Notes-9.7.06 - Lecture Regicide led to commonwealth...

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