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Spanish Final Review - El Eclipse by Augusto Monterroso...

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El Eclipse by Augusto Monterroso From Guatemala Short, satirical fiction 500 th anniversary of the arrival of the Spaniards in the Americas Envisions the meeting of the indigenous American and Western European cultures Main character: Fray Bartolomé Arrazola Setting: La selva de Guatemala Carlos Quinto—Charles V of Spain, grandson of Ferdinand and Isabella El fray estaba apresado en la selva de Guatemala cuando decide a morir con tranquilidad. Se encontró en un altar. Un grupo de indígenas se disponían a sacrificarlo. Recordó que se esperaba un eclipse total de sol. Les dijo que si lo matarían, podría hacer que el sol se oscurezca. Pero, los indígenas eran más inteligentes que Aristóteles. Habían previsto el eclipse y mataron el fray. Los personajes o Fray Bartolomé Arrazola o Los indígenas La Venda —Miguel de Unamuno Miguel de Unamuno era de la Generación de ’98. Group of writers that wanted to bring back the sense of national honor through art and literature after the ultimate defeat of Spain in the Spanish American War. o This literature renewed and restored love for the country and its tradition in the people, especially in the spiritual and artistic aspect. o Brilliance wasn’t lost La fe v. La razón o Unamuno quiere que su alma vive para siempre aunque su razón la contra o Preocupation with man and his destiny: el determinismo o He referred to his work as his passion or his agony, his characters as agonists.
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He was a Basque (or violent separatist) Cuatros lenguas de España o Vasco o Gallego o Catalán o Castellano Antítesis—the expression of contrary ideas using similar phrases. El drama—a presentation in which some characters imitate a fact of life before some
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Spanish Final Review - El Eclipse by Augusto Monterroso...

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