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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - SEXUAL AROUSAL AND RESPONSE A History a Da...

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S EXUAL A ROUSAL AND R ESPONSE A. History a) Da Vinci: 1943 i. Breast is attached to uterus ii. Semen thought to be coming from spinal column iii. Angle of penetration: gradual upward b) Magnetic resonance imaging of male and female genitals during coitus and female sexual arousal i. MRI’s of male and female genitals during sex B. Sexual Arousal a) Emotional needs b) Societal influences (social condition) c) Cultural influences (cultural differences) d) Biological determinants (physical determinants and hormones) ~Kissing is more or less arousal C. Bonobo Apes: Make Love Not War a) Used sex for reproduction and pleasure, but more so for social reasons i. Used sexual expression to avoid aggressive conflict ii. Sexual behavior to create alliances; to avoid conflict and make peace/friend b) Females dominated culture D. What is the Most Important Sex Organ??? a) The brain: happen without consciousness i. Cerebral cortex: - Interpretation of sensory inputs and regulation of responses ii. Limbic system: - Emotion, motivation, memory, drive b) Study: show soft porn to people i. Two group of people are told different conditions before watching porn: newly weds vs. couples met at bar - Arousal in people watching porn is higher if they were told that the couple met at the bar E. Senses a) Touch i. Skin: largest organ in the body; sensitive to touch ii. Frequent method of arousal b) Sight i. Visual: making eye contact c) Hearing i. Whispers; romantic music; dirty talks ii. Arousal could be caused by sound d) Taste i. Taste of skin and genitals’ secretion ii. Part of body that causes arousal e) Smell i. Active pheromones that stimulate brain areas during sex
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~All senses work at the same time at certain moment and the brain interpret them quickly F. Pheromones: a) Defined as volatile compounds made by the body, which stimulates another person to change their behavior b) VNG (vomero nasal organ): where pheromones come from G. Hormones a) Testosterone i. Early signal for the development of a male body
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Lecture 2 - SEXUAL AROUSAL AND RESPONSE A History a Da...

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