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ACCOUNTING 240 - USES OF ACCOUNTING INFORMATION II Fall 2007 (Day Classes) Course Lecturer/Coordinator: Karen Geiger Office: BA223-O Office Phone: (480) 965-0823 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: ____________________, and by appointment Prerequisites: Please refer to the University catalog. Text: Cornerstones of Managerial Accounting , Mowen and Hansen, second edition. (Loose-leaf book) Note : Includes a Thomson Now access code, which is required for all students. Materials: Calculator with basic mathematical functions (No sharing permitted on quizzes or exams). No cell phone calculator allowed. ASU Blackboard: (If you have problems accessing course information or your ASU email account, go to: ) OVERVIEW: ACC240 is designed to equip students to make effective and efficient use of accounting information in managerial decision making. After completing this course students should: Understand what is conveyed by “standard” accounting reports. Be able to request special reports that support their role as a decision-maker in an organization. Apply managerial accounting concepts to unstructured problems. Possess enhanced analytical and communication skills necessary for success in the business world. Possess a greater understanding of business and how accounting information is used by all business managers to make decisions. ACC 240 is an introductory management accounting course. It is a survey of many topics, including an introduction to cost behavior, budgeting, responsibility accounting, cost control and product costing. Emphasis is placed on management accounting in a broad context, relating it to other subject areas. This course provides students with the necessary understanding of fundamental concepts and tools, while also emphasizing the analysis and interpretation of information. This course is structured to help students meet many objectives that have been identified as important to business professionals. Among these are teamwork, creative thinking, case analysis, and the ability to present findings in a group setting. IMPORTANT DEADLINES : Final Day to Drop/Add: August 26, 2007 (no overrides, late adds or drops will be processed) Unrestricted Withdrawal: November 2, 2007 (student does not need instructor signature to withdrawal) ASSUMED SKILLS: This course relies on technology, skills that we think are critical for your success in the college and beyond. It is assumed that you have an email account, and that you check it several times a week. Everyone has an ASU account. If you do not regularly check your ASU account, it is your responsibility to have your ASU account forwarded to the account you do use. You are also expected to be able to access the Internet and the course Blackboard site so that you can download course materials as well as check for course announcements. (
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Syllabus_Day_Fall_2007 - ACCOUNTING 240 USES OF ACCOUNTING...

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