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MAT 272 – SPRING 2008 Instructor Dr. Firoz, Firozzaman Office ECA204 Phone Office: 480 965-7375, Math. Dept. 480 965-3951 (Please contact me by email rather than the phone whenever possible) Office Hours MTWTh 9:40-10:30, (also by appointment) E-mail [email protected] URL Prerequisites MAT271 (Calculus II) or equivalent with a grade C or better Textbook Calculus Early Trascendentals Multivariable, by James Stewart, 5th Edition SOFTWARE AND COMPUTER LAB The computer lab is ECA221/225 (12:40 class). The exact dates when we will meet will be announced in class and posted on the webpage. We will use the computer algebra system MAPLE 10. MAPLE can be accessed from both Macs and PCs at any of the campus computing sites and at the ECA Computer Lab or purchased in the bookstore. CALCULATORS A graphing calculator (e.g. TI83) is recommended but not required. Graphing calculators which perform symbolic manipulations (e.g. TI89, TI92) will not be allowed for tests and quizzes . You may use ordinary scientific calculators, but no graphing calculators are allowed for quizzes or exams (including the Final) unless otherwise specified by the instructor. CUT-OFFS A-, A, A+: 90-92.9, 93-96.9, 97-100% B-, B , B+ : 80-82.9, 83-86.9, 87-89.9% C, C+ : 70-75.9, 76-79.9% D: 60-69.9% E: 59.9% or less.
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TESTS/QUIZZES/HW 30% Quizzes, Homework, Computer Labs, Attandence Quizzes are given randomly. No make up. Homework will be collected on a regular basis and selected problems will be graded. No late homework will be accepted. Computer lab projects will also be assigned. Regular attandencs is very very important.
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syl272_s - MAT 272 SPRING 2008 Instructor Dr Firoz...

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