00. Navigating ECN 212

00. Navigating ECN 212 - Navigating ECN 212 I will begin...

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Navigating ECN 212 I will begin with some direct quotes from last spring’s teaching evaluations: 1. I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I went in with a pretty bad attitude, and I figured it would be my hardest, most frustrating class. While it was definitely a difficult class, it ended up being my favorite class this semester! Don't change a thing! 2. I think his interactive teaching method is very refreshing, and helps to learn and apply the course material better than any other class that I have had at ASU thus far. Although his tactics are at times strange, they are effective and keep you awake in a subject that can be seen as boring or non applicable. 3. I felt that the class strayed off topic too frequently. I attended every single class, paid close attention and received an A, but I still found myself in the labs coming across concepts that I didn’t recognize. I felt that class time could be used much more effectively by covering concepts in more depth instead of talking about social relevance, i.e. healthcare, music piracy. 4. He was enthusiastic and encouraging with the material. I liked how Dr. DeSerpa linked economic scenarios with situations I could relate to. Very inspiring, I loved the course. 5. I would like the teacher to stop wasting time on application and start to explain the main points of the lecture in a direct and dry format. Application could be done at the end of the class. Explaining step by step will also be beneficial. Those who “loved the course” did so because of the connection between economic theory and reality. This is why I am fanatic about making that connection. But it is ironic that those who expressed dissatisfaction felt that dwelling on application is “wasting time” by “straying off topic”. I am sensitive to both points of view. So I will work harder to make theoretical economics more accessible to you. However, you need to keep the material in perspective because dwelling on theory is exactly why the
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This note was uploaded on 05/09/2008 for the course ECN 212 taught by Professor Nancy during the Fall '07 term at ASU.

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00. Navigating ECN 212 - Navigating ECN 212 I will begin...

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