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Americaasanempire - William Zornick 4.25.08 Perez Portfolio...

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William Zornick 4.25.08 Perez Portfolio America as an Empire Attempting to classify America as an empire is a difficult task because of the confines of placing a country with such a unique way of governance into a “classical” definition. There are undeniable similarities between America and empires of antiquity, but there are also striking differences. The Oxford English Dictionary defines an empire as “ 1.) An extensive group of states ruled over by a single monarch 2.) Supreme political powers 3.) A large commercial organization under the control of one person or group (Oxford).” When looking back through history there are certainly examples of this definition in action. England for example who ruled over much of world in their time. They had colonies all across almost every continent, including parts of China, India and the United States. A single monarch who had almost absolute power also governed them. This fits exactly into the definition outlined by Oxford. There are a number of examples of European countries follow Great Britain’s model of an empire. For example Spain and Portugal used it to colonize much of South America and Germany and the Netherlands to rule over parts of Africa. However the question of whether America fits this role is debatable. They
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certainly have in he past and currently executed actions that do not reflect well on themselves. For example America does not have colonies so to speak, but rather have set up an infrastructure of military bases to govern over others, as proposed by writer
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Americaasanempire - William Zornick 4.25.08 Perez Portfolio...

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