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Unformatted text preview: Thoughts on Folk Tales : Concurrent to teaching this course, I am also teaching a course on Religious Themes in Western Literature . Among the kinds of literature examined in that course is the very familiar Fairy Tale, a kind of literature which occurs in every culture and in every century. Though the tales Hejaiej records from Tunis are not exactly fairy tales, but are best described as Folk Tales, there is still much we can draw from the consideration of Fairy Tales that might put the stories of these Tunisian women into a different light. Why should we pay attention to Fairy Tales and Folk Tales? The most immediate answer is simply that they are some of the most obvious vehicles for transmitting moral lessons and for supporting behaviors appropriate to a particular religion and/or culture. Another part of the answer might be, because they’re so easy to understand and so transcend the restrictions of time and literacy levels and because they seem to be so universally part of the human experience and are certainly indicative of a...
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