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The movie screening of China Blue exposes the Chinese sweatshops that exist and are supported by Western companies. The poor conditions have attracted the attention of human rights groups, however little has been done and this movie is another stepping stone in an attempt to stir the public’s concern on this issue. In order to affect the general population, especially the consumers, this film follows three girls, one of whom is a sixteen-year-old girl and her experience in one of these factories. Somehow, the director had full access to the factory and was able to document the girl’s living and working conditions. He vividly portrays luxuries that are taken for granted in Western countries. Jasmine cannot sleep, eat, or even use the bathroom whenever she wants to; everything is run on a prescribed schedule. Also portrayed rather well in the movie was the employer’s side. He believed he was treating his workers well and thought conditions for them were fair enough. He was seen making a
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