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Summary: Week 14 This week, we were required to read 3 chapters in Conformity . Chapter 11 titled, Adaptive Failure: Easter’s End , explores the notion that traditions can be assessed as humanistic reactions to materialism. Jared Diamond’s article discusses the rise and fall of the Easter Island people, because sometimes people might not always adapt successfully. Diamond argues that Easter Island’s fall had to do with the fact that they put way too much emphasis on their social concerns and not enough on conservation of their resources. Chapter 34, The Kayapo Resistance, the Kayapo are trying to resist the pressure to change their culture to the one that they are being exposed to and influences that they are getting from the western civilization and the modern world. Chapter 33, Japanese Hip-Hop and the Globalization of Popular Culture, tackles on the idea that a single world culture is emerging from so much exposure to each other. Borrowed culture is often hybridized by procedures of localization.
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Unformatted text preview: This process is globalization, and the main example discussed here is Hip-hop. Hip-hop is a North American genre of music and a contribution to pop culture. Japan, however, has taken in hip-hop and made its own as this form of entertainment has been integrated into Tokyos modern club scene. The readings this week were rather interesting, and I must say that I learned about things I never really knew much about. Easter Island and the stone statues that they made have always interested me and I can honestly say that Ive never had the chance to seriously learn about them. The people from Easter Island seemed to have fallen apart and turned to cannibalism, and the process by which a society can totally disintegrate like this is truly fascinating. I also greatly admire the Kayapo and respect how they desperately want to stay true to themselves and their culture and not give into globalization....
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