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Summary: Week 15 This week, we were required to read 1 chapter in Conformity . Chapter 36 titled, Using Anthropology , by David W. McCurdy. In this article, McCurdy discusses anthropology and its uses in the working world. He says that more anthropology Ph.D.’s go into the working world as opposed to research and the such. He compares anthropology to political science, psychology, and economy and says that anthropology fits a broader spectrum of all of these. According to McCurdy, these studies use quantitative methods of research, often testing a theory with survey questionnaires and structured, repetitive observations. Unlike in other departments, anthropologists use a qualitative method of research, usually being “informants” and writing detailed ethnographies about a given culture that they live amongst and report their findings. McCurdy argues that it is this ethnographic approach that makes anthropology so useful in such
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Unformatted text preview: a broad spectrum of things. Personally, I had never looked at anthropology this way and how it could be applied until I read this article. As an aspiring psychologist, I guess I have a sort of bias when it comes to my methods of research, quantitative. However, this article put things into perspective in that an ethnographic approach can also come in handy. In many given examples, McCurdy shows us how a knowledge of anthropology can be useful in solving everyday problems in society , the workplace, hospitals, even in the market. Anthropology, as McCurdy puts it, is, before all, an academic discipline with a strong emphasis on scholarship and basic researchIn particular, it is the ability to do qualitative research that makes anthropologists successful in the professional world. The discipline has proved its usefulness and continues to as times goes on....
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