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Anthroweek4 - Like the baseball player Dennis Grossini...

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Reading Summary: Week 4 This week, Chapter 17 of Conformity and Conflict was titled, “Family and Kinship in Village India” and focused on a traditional family in India and how kinship plays a fundamental role. Families and kin are self efficient, and this is reinforced by the fact that society revolves around it. Whereas Americans value independence and personal ambition, people of India value kinship and the connections/ relationships formed with all of them. They strive and work as a unit, helping each other in need without hesitation. This is very unlike American society where we fear to impose and have reservations about seeking help because of its connotations with “failure” or weakness.” Chapter 28 of Conformity and Conflict, titled “Baseball Magic,” discusses rituals and their importance to people, to baseball players, fishermen, etc. These rituals seem to give people a sense of familiarity that they associate with success.
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Unformatted text preview: Like the baseball player, Dennis Grossini states, “I’d be afraid to change anything. As long as I’m winning, I do everything the same.” It’s funny to think that grown people can be so superstitious, but when you stop to think about it it’s hard to think of someone that isn’t superstitious in some way. I, for example, always use the same pen or pencil on an exam and the exact calculator, and I feel it gives me a sense of control. Neither Man nor Woman, by Serena Nanda, takes a look at the life and traditions of the hijras of India, a religious sect of men who dress and act like women. I honestly had no idea that communities like these existed, let alone in India where I’ve always just assumed society was more conservative and looked down on things like crossdresssing, etc. I find it so far to be fairly interesting learning about this “third gender” and how they function in everyday society....
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