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Week 9 Summary This week we read the first half of The Walleye War , which is the story of a tribe of Chippewa Indians. The Lac du Flambeau band is a group of fishing tribesman that the story focuses around. We immediately learn of the conflict that the Flambeau have been having in Northern Wisconsin. I found it very unusual how the neighboring, non Indian community and the state felt about the rights of the Flambeau. The natives felt that they had a right to spear fish anywhere at any time. The Feds agreed with this and put it into action after a ten year struggle. Natives found themselves struggling with the hunting rights, spear fishing was illegal and nobody could fish during the spawning season. These were both practices of the Walleye fisherman. I found it interesting how they tried hard to blend in with society economically, including the creation of a fish hatchery to restock lakes that they had
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Unformatted text preview: over-fished. I do agree with the state though, on many issues. For example, men left to shoot deer right off the highways when they overheard that the tribes would be able to hunt at any time on their land. This practice is not safe for the wildlife of the state, and overhunting could leave to many population problems. The book then delves into the legal battles of the time. Tom Maulson took over as a sort of legal head for the tribe. He fought hard for the natives right to fish whenever and wherever they pleased. This was an interesting point in the book because it seems that he made himself chief in a way. He felt that he could lead the natives to a time of prosperity through representation. I look forward to seeing where the war takes us in the following chapters....
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