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Reading Summary: Week 3 In My Family and Other Saints , we see Kirin begin to come to terms with her own womanhood. Her sister Maya returns from being away at college and joins the family dynamics once again. Kirin comes to terms with the fact that India’s cultural norms don’t seem to apply to her sister, for example in that Maya waited until she was 21 before getting married, etc. Maw remains disgruntled with Paw, and Kirin views their unity as something strange yet necessary. I personally feel as though the stories and events Kirin describes are scattered, and many become either redundant or steer the reader into asking themselves, “What is the point?” As a memoir, depictions of daily life and an understanding of it is a must, but how much do we really need to know? I sometimes feel for the other family members, because their lives seem genuinely interesting but their
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Unformatted text preview: stories are almost skewed and hard to follow. Chapter 8 of Conformity and Conflict discusses body art and its purpose in society. A person’s body art (which can include tattoos, piercings, hairstyles, etc) can reflect basically anything and everything about a person from their social status to their personalities, and ultimately tells a story of their identity and how they perceive themselves. I found this especially interesting because I never stopped to think about how the same “body art” can mean completely different things across cultures. Chapter 20 of Conformity and Conflict discusses symbols in society and their multiple meanings. The hijab for example, to many Westerners signifies female suppression but among Islamic women represents many values related to their culture....
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