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Final review

Final review - c Ex Rear Window i Subject is the apparent...

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1) Film as an art a) Limited by funds b) Collaborative effort 2) Dramatic structure a) Linear i) Follows through from beginning to end with no sidetracks (1) Ex Mystic River (2) Ex rear window ii) Known as Classical (Aristotle) b) Episodic i) Focuses on cause and effect ii) Does not follow a cause and effect chain iii) Fragmented (1) Made up of autonomous pieces iv) Ex: meet me in st Louis c) Thematic i) Conventional structure ii) More disorganized then thematic iii) Not held together by action iv) Held together by a theme or underlying motif v) Same as confectual (1) Ex two for the road vi) About the context not the content 3) Subject vs. theme a) Subject i) What the movie is about b) Theme i) The movies attitude toward the subject ii) Deeper meaning the subject
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Unformatted text preview: c) Ex Rear Window i) Subject is the apparent ii) Theme: Isolation, curiosity 4) Sound Design a) Apocalypse Now was the first movie to really look at sound design as as art b) Sound effect 5) Authorial a) Special perspective by the director to instill certain feelings in the viewer 6) POV a) Omniscient POV i) Perspective of unknown third party ii) Unrestricted POV (1) Star Wars b) First inside i) From the eyes of the character c) First outside i) Over shoulder 7) Objective a) Something tangible in the shot 8) Objective correlative a) Something objective that correlates with something unseen i) Ie. An object that references a theme, motif or an emotion 9) The method a) An acting style b) we...
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Final review - c Ex Rear Window i Subject is the apparent...

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