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Final Project - Chris Mercer 810707539 Play Comparison Cat...

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Chris Mercer 810707539 Play Comparison Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: Margaret or Maggie “The Cat’, the protagonist in this play, is forced into a struggle against her in-laws, as well as her own husband (the antagonist), to acquire the family farm through an inheritance following Big Daddy’s death. The playwright illustrates the psychological motives behind Maggie “The Cat” by emphasizing the effects her low income upbringing had on her personality. Through years of experience, Maggie has recognized that one must be strong and persistent to receive what they desire. After living the “good life” with Brick, Maggie vows that she will not return to the poor conditions of her upbringing and decides to assure herself of the family farm, accompanied by a life time of wealth and security. After publicly announcing her pregnancy to the family, Maggie reclaims the inheritance from her in-laws. To conclude this climactic play, Maggie makes good on her word and, with the help from Brick’s alcoholic habit, she forces him to impregnate her. The complexity of Maggie “The Cat” rated a seven to me. While she was a very in-depth character, her actions seemed very rational to those of someone who does not want to leave a ritzy lifestyle and go back to the regularity of the working class. Her actions throughout the play were very manipulative toward the other family members which made her come off as extremely selfish. The most complex character in this play was Brick, rating a ten to me. His mysterious background left me on the edge of my seat
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throughout this play. Brick’s alcoholic addiction came off equally as selfish to Maggie’s character, however the reader learns to sympathize for him as his past continues to unveil. Oedipus Rex: Oedipus (protagonist) is a king returning from war to a city running rampant with disease. With relentless pride spewing with his every word, Oedipus vows to cleanse the city of its impurities. After being informed that the person bringing illness upon his city is also responsible for his father’s death, Oedipus begins his quest to find the criminal and shed his blood. After numerous warnings from the other characters to end his search, the
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Final Project - Chris Mercer 810707539 Play Comparison Cat...

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