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Chris Mercer 810707539 Beneath The Standards On March 8 th , 2008 I was excited to be part of the first audience for Terry Berliner’s musical Beneath The Surface . With funding from the Roe Green Foundation, Berliner managed to accomplish the tedious process of resurrecting a musical from “page to stage” in less than one year from the date the playwright began. The musical’s venue was located at the University of Colorado in a loft theatre complimented by an arena stage. Upon arrival, I was immediately disappointed, which set a trend for the night I was about to experience. Assuming there would be plenty of good seating similar to my previous experience at the university’s theatre, I decided to arrive moments before the play began. Due to the severity of this small theatre, this proved to be a terrible decision as my first impression was that I was about to witness the first musical to incorporate the song “It’s a small world after all.” How was an amateur theatre spectator supposed to know that this venue could not host an Alcoholic’s Anonymous meeting, much less a viewing required by multiple CU classes? As I sat furious with an erected four foot wide beam blocking my sight, I noticed the stage was lacking in props or anything that resembled a setting. After browsing the director’s notes, Berliner left me with little insight to the musical’s purpose. With my keen intellect and help from a fellow classmate, I was able to conclude that this play was going to be taking place somewhere beneath the surface. The musical began with attention grasping music as an actor climbed down a
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Beneath The Surface - Chris Mercer 810707539 Beneath The...

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