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Chris Mercer 810707539 Cloud Nine, Not Ten On February 9 th , 2008 I was blessed with the opportunity to view Caryl Churchill’s play Cloud Nine . The production was held on campus at the University of Colorado at Boulder with a cast comprised of local talent. With the foresight of poor production quality and amateur thespians, my expectations took a quick turn once the curtains drew. Through a comedic format, Churchill emphasized societal pressures that exist in reference to gender roles. It was very interesting to see the influence these pressures may have on a gay man or woman in difference moments throughout history. Churchill managed to lighten the material up so much that I, a heterosexual male, was hardly taken back by the thought of a man running around sleeping with various men and little boys. Overall, the most influential aspect of the play was the talent illustrated by a few of the thespian’s performances. By using the method of gender switching, Churchill’s characters exuberated the influences of gender roles and took control of my attention more than the playwright itself. Mick Alpert’s portrayal of the younger Betty was a perfect example of this. At first glance, I couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of Alpert in
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Cloud Nine - Chris Mercer 810707539 Cloud Nine Not Ten On...

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